Group Ride Classifications

At SIC we offer group rides for ALL levels of cyclists - from the beginner just starting out to the seasoned rider looking for a group workout. These ride classes and their associated average moving speed (AMS) projections should do a good job of helping you determine which group is right for you. It's always a good idea to start at a class just below where you think you belong if you are new to the group. Unless discussed otherwise at the ride start all SIC rides are no drop rides.

A - AMS 18+ mph

The A group will finish a typical SSR or AJR ride at 18+mph average moving speed. It is not uncommon for speeds on the flats to exceed 23mph. Breakaways are common during sprints but regroups will happen at pre-determined locations.

B - AMS 15-17 mph

The B group will finish a typical SSR or AJR at a 15-17mph average moving speed. While gaps develop during the course of a ride the group attempts to stay together and will regroup frequently.

C - AMS 12-14 mph

The C group will finish a typical SSR or AJR at a 12-14mph average moving speed. C group rides are typically shorter in distance. Efforts are made to keep all riders together within easy contact of each other. Ride leaders will also help new riders learn the rules of the road, the use hand and vocal signals, and how SIC groups ride.